G.F. Watts Orpheus and Eurydice, c. 1890 private collection

"The Supreme High Command…and the entire Soviet People order you to erect the victory banner on the roof above Berlin." 
May 2, 1945- Berlin falls to Soviet forces, who raise their flag above a ruined, burnt out Reichstag.
Raising a Flag over the Reich, by Yevgeny Khaldei, 1945

Soviet Futurism - 1963: An amazing airfoil ship concept.

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Wreck on Flickr.
Via Flickr: “Lick my Ass” is painted on the side of this old machine. This place is marked on the map as Rice, California, but the only thing really there is a gas station.

  Agostino Arrivabene - Amor vincit omnia . 2014 . Oil, gold leaf, on wood. cm 69x63

Aurélien Salomé, Blackboard, (2008)